Bienvenidos a nuestra clase. Welcome to our class.

Soy la SeƱora Silvia Darpino. Soy la maestra bilingue de septimo grado en la Escuela de la Calle Broad . I am Mrs. Silvia Darpino. I am the Bilingual Teacher at Broad Street School.

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Upcoming Special Activities

  • State project
Students will research on one of our 50 states. Things the can include:
Location of state
Early historic facts
Physical features
State flag and seal
State bird and flower
Song or poem about the state
License plate
National parks, historic sites, and other points of interest
Famous people
Government and economy

  • Element project
Students will research on 5 choosen elements from the Periodic Table and create a model with information.

Math Project- Students will be creating a calander with different number of months and days.
Language Arts- Students will be writing on their New Year's Resolutions
Language Arts- Students are creating a Short story on relationships focusing on characters,conflict, and resolution.

Social Studies and Art

Students are studying the United States government. We created trees out of different materials presenting the three branches in our government. The leaves will help explain each branches role. We want to thank our wonderful Art Department for their help. Please stop by H10 to enjoy the students display.